LILAC'S LURE: Raw Vegan Blueberry, Lavender + Vanilla Hemp Mylk

At one point in time, it was rare to see hemp milk on the store shelves as much as you would see almond and cashew milk or you could only find it in health food stores. Now, you can walk into most grocery stores and spot in on the shelf in all of its glory. And while this is just a wonderful sight to see hemp milk in the presence of its peers (walnut, pea, pistachio, oat, almond and cashew), some people still have not been warmly introduced.

Hemp milk is one of my FAVORITE plant-based mylks - full of protein, essential fats, vitamins, enzymes, starches and saturated fats. It is a Super Food. It is something that should be a staple for everyone - vegan and non-vegan. However, the price tag in the stores for hemp milk can be quite a shock to some...and also a deterrent. So, how do you go around that? Why, by making it yourself, of course! Trust is easier than you think and so much fun to make.