Sweet Pea + Roasted Romanesco Soup w/ Black Garlic Puree, Hazelnut Eyes + Crisp Parsnips

The blithe spirit, alligator wrestler and conjurer of spells and hexes, Endora Addams (fondly known as Grandmama Addams) is the eccentric and sharp-witted elder of the Addams clan. She is never without her cauldron and undying love of her son Gomez, daughter-in-law Morticia and grandchildren - Wednesday and Pugsley. When she is not out on adventures or standing over the bubbling cauldron creating something wicked for the Book of the Dead, she is using her cauldron to create something dreadfully delicious for her adoring family - and she spares no expense when it comes to ingredients.

Morticia: Where are we?

Grandma: Looks familiar... of course, the gates of hell.

-The Addams Family Values

From eye balls to bones (ethically sources, of course), herbs and roots and tinctures (organically grown and sourced from the Addams garden) - she manages to satisfy the palettes of all with her spécialité. So, with the family gathering for holiday and special occasions, Grandmama delivers our first offering for The Addams Family "WAKE THE DEAD" Holiday Feast.

To make sure that I created a dish that she would be proud of, I created this Vegan Roasted Sweet Pea + Romanesco Soup....but not just leaving it as that. By adding a black garlic puree, crispy parsnips and hazelnut "eyes" - it is a cauldron creation of magickal flavors. This is most definitely a dreadfully delight starter for a feast of frightful fancy.

Copyright 2019 | Nnaus A.O. Feratu

#wakethedeadfeast #theaddamsfamily #vegan #gothintheraw #pea #romanesco #soup #brunch #garlic

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