CORVUS: Raw Vegan Chocolate Avocado + Black Tahini Mousse with Raw Cacao Nibs

Hello, my lovelies. The celebration of amore falls upon us tomorrow. Love will be in the air and lovers will given to temptation and the like. As for me and my husband - we celebrate bit differently. One of our favorite places to be alone with one another is the cemetery. In the summer of 2010, my dearest husband actually proposed to me in one after surprising me with a romantic vegan picnic as the sun went down. He blindfolded me the entire time until I heard him pop the question, only for me to turn around as see these aged tombstones, mausoleums, weeping willows with the Goddess Moon peaking through the swaying branches - and him on one knee with ring in hand and black roses. To have the spirits of the dead as witnesses to such a magical was everything a goth like myself could ask for. Love is something that means so much to us in our own morbid little way....which in our case is an everyday affair. Besides walks in the moonlight, romantic diners by candlelight in the woods with glasses of deep red wine (organic, of course) - being together in the kitchen is another favorite moment that we share. Now, I am a lover of chocolate (dairy-free, cruelty-free, raw vegan). And this is one of my favorites: my Raw Vegan Corvus Avocado + Black Tahini Mousse.

Avocados and chocolate make for a perfect pairing. But you know what else goes along with this duo to create the perfect ménage a trois? Black tahini. The creaminess of the avocado, the nuttiness of the tahini and the bitterness of the cocao is everything to please the senses. And when you add in the charcoal for the midnight hue and the coconut oil whipped into the mousse - an immaculate, dark, decadent plant-based dream emerges. When I made this for my husband the first time, I though I was going to lose my finger! *lol* Clearly, he approved. And now, he makes this with me....and the time together in my other fortress (the kitchen) is ever so much fun.

Cinnamon adds the right amount of warmth, spice and balance to this light and silky dessert. I love the addition of cacao nibs for that perfect bit of crunch and textural element. They are also full of antioxidants, full of fiber, good for the heart (perfect, right?), potassium, magnesium and improves one's mood. There is no way that a wayward heart will be not entranced by this treat. I promise you. Happy a Divinely Dark Valentine's, my darklings <3


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