Golden Beet Noodles with Lemon Garlic Agave Dressing, Fresh Thyme + Caraway Seeds

When you think of noodles, you immediately think of pasta made from flour. Do I miss such starchy, carby, goodness? To be honest - not at all. Not since I have discovered the wondrously divine noodles via vegetables. Right now, I can imagine, visually, all the gasp and shock and awe. Well, be prepared to be in “awe” from this beauty you see before you.

Ever since getting my hands one of my favorite tools, my spiralizer by Paderno (around $35.00), it has proven itself a worthy weapon of raw goodness allowing me to ribbon and spiral zucchini, butternut squash, carrots, etc. While I love all vegetables, I have come to favor beets as my noodle of choice.

While I do go for darker beets for my dishes, golden beets highlight this simple yet minimalistic dressing with depth that caresses the palate. Whether sharing the stage with a dish or vainly taking all of the attention (you will not care…for you will not be able to resist)...all shall love thee and will be left wanting more. You have my word.


High Speed Blender




Plane (for zesting)

Kitchen Shears

Large Glass or Wooden Bowl


3-4 large golden beets (organic, but conventionally is okay)

4 cloves of garlic

Zest of two organic lemons

½ cup fresh organic lemon juice

¼ cup organic blue agave nectar

¼ cup organic olive oil

¼ teaspoon pink himalayan sea salt

2 Tablespoons caraway seeds

Pinch black pepper

Several sprigs of thyme



-Using your knife, cut off the end of the beets, making sure to wash them thoroughly, then remove the skin carefully.

-Per the directions of your spiralizer, spiralize the beets using the thinnest setting/plate and place all the noodles into your bowl. Once all of the beets have been spiralized, cut the long noodles with your kitchen shears. The noodles should be 12 inches long in length or shorter if you choose. Place the noodles aside.

-In your blender, place in your remaining ingredients (minus the caraway and thyme, which are garnish) and blend for 30-60 seconds until is well blended. The texture should be lumpy due to the garlic.

-Pour the dressing over the noodles, then add the caraway. Using tongs, toss the noodles and the dressing, making sure that the noodles are well-coated and then top with fresh thyme. Serve immediately or place in the fridge until ready to serve.

So, my you like and taste what you see? Please, do tell. I would love to hear such news!

*Makes 1-6 servings.

Indulge and enjoy.

Until we meet again. xoxo

Darkest Eats and Kisses,

Adaora O. | Goth In The Raw

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