Raw Vegan PUMPKIN KING Nice Cream

Black and orange. My ode to Halloween...my favorite celebration in my favorite month of the year: October. Whereas one longs and celebrates for that month only, I celebrate all year around...in my heart and in my home. My Raw Vegan PUMPKIN KING Nice Cream is one that Mr. Skellington would be quite pleased with, indeed.

Rich in flavor thanks to a beautiful pairing of papaya, banana and pumpkin....and kissed with knife-cut chunks of Coconut Ash & Banana Dark Raw Chocolate from one my favorite chocolatiers, Vosges Haute Chocolate. Complex yet simple - simple yet complex. In the words of The Pumpkin King himself, one can "grow so tired of the same old thing." And this...each bite is indeed a gift for the mouth, senses and dark souls.


Food processor



Bowl, cup or chalice of choice


7 ripe, frozen bananas

1 whole papaya, diced into chunks and frozen

1/2 cup diced pumpkin or pumpkin puree

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon



-Using a knife, cut the frozen bananas into 1/2 inch pieces and place them in the food processor.

-Pulse chop the bananas in the processor 3-5 times until you achieve small pieces and granules. Using the spatula, remove the top of of the food processor and scrap down the sides, and then add the mint. Continue blending until you reach a creamy consistency.

-Next, add the cinnamon, papaya and pumpkin and continue blending until well combined. Next, take the bowl off of the base and stick it in the freezer for 20-30 minutes...or devour right then and then if you wish for soft serve.

-Using the spatula, scoop the nice cream into your favorite bowl or cup or chalice. Top with your favorite chocolate, but I highly recommend Vosges....and indulge.

*Makes 1 serving.

All Hail The Pumpkin King.....

Until we meet again. xoxo

Darkest Eats and Kisses,

Adaora O. | Goth In The Raw

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