Raw Vegan OBSIDIAN MINT Nice Cream

I like everything to be black: my clothing, my furniture....everything. If I can not find it, then what is the next best thing to do? Make it. So, take something sweet and luscious and make it as dark as night....be still, my heart. My OBSIDIAN MINT Nice Cream is one of the greatest things that I have created while dancing around to She's In Parties by Bauhaus. As a minimalist, I love when I create a dish that is simple and beautiful. Three ingredients, filling, full of magnesium, natural sugars, detoxing.....and pitch black. When your food matches your wardrobe and your soul, bloody happiness ensues.


Food processor



Bowl, cup or chalice of choice


7 ripe, frozen bananas

2 tablespoons organic mint extract or finely chopped mint

2 tablespoons food grade bamboo powder



-Using a knife, cut the frozen bananas into 1/2 inch pieces and place them in the food processor.

-Pulse chop the bananas in the processor 3-5 times until you achieve small pieces and granules. Using the spatula, remove the top of of the food processor and scrap down the sides, and then add the mint. Continue blending until you reach a creamy consistency.

-Next, add the bamboo powder and continue to blend until the powder is fully incorporated. Turn the processor off, take the bowl off of the base and stick it in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. It will get darker and wonderful.

-Using the spatula, scoop the nice cream into your favorite bowl or cup or chalice....and indulge.

*Makes 1 serving.

You will want to make this over and over again, as I have.....and by all means.....do so.

Until we meet again. xoxo

Darkest Eats and Kisses,

Adaora O. | Goth In The Raw

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