There are many fascets of me, but the top loves are: Gothic, Dark Fashion, Dark Music and Mummyhood. As the Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director for fantome Magazine (formerly known as Prysm Magazine), I do search for those that not only worthy of being in my publication, but those that I immediately become drawn to...resulting in another fan. My spotlight is one that I stumbled stumbled up via Instagram by the name of Worship13.

(Featured: Vampira Large Oval Ring and La Luna Black Large Oval Ring)

After browsing thier website, I bought my first ring, The Vampira Ring. As a devote fan of the Mistress of the Night - it was a no brainer. Once it arrived, I then realized that the picture on the sight did not do it justice. At only $10.00, it was perfect. I loved it so much that I purchased another one, the La Luna Ring. As a Cancerian and moonchild, I was immediate drawn to her....although there were so many choices that my decision was a difficult one to say the least. With earrings, apparel, chockers, necklaces and rings adorned with The Addams Family, Nancy from "The Craft", works by Artist Chuck Hodi and more....plus the ability to customize your own - it is not surpirsing to see why they will not be seeing the last of me.

I am not one that is easy to impress....but Worship13 has succeeded. To see that of which I speak of and thier wares, visit thier Instagram (@worship13) and website Worship13.

Until we meet again.

Darkest Eats and Kiss,

-Adaora O. aka GiTR

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