Vanilla Bean, Blackberry and Lavender Swirl Nice Cream + Raw Pomegranate Chocolate Brains

It has been awhile since I made a nice cream. Like anything that I do, I have the habit of being a perfectionist or rather waiting for the perfect moment. In this case, I just missed nice cream. I needed it. THE CRAVING WAS STRONG AND THE NEED TO FEED WAS A MUST!! Plus, it's fucking amazing. Usually, I go for rich and luscious or simple yet complex. Today, I went with simple and complex. Behold, my Vanilla Bean, Blackberry and Lavender Swirl Nice Cream topped with a few of my Raw Pomegranate Chocolate Brains. Chunks of blackberries, melding with fragrant lavender and vanilla. What more could one ask for?

I about something so perfect accompanied by a good read? I adore my creative friends, and when they come out with something incredible - I make sure that talent does not go unnoticed. Case in point, "The Brutal Adventures of Black Metal Girl" by my dear friend, Aris Garner. When she sent me the 1st issue, I was honored and it is no lie when I tell you - this is the shit. Everyone needs a black metal or goth girl in thier life....becuase we are everything.....just like this nice cream. This recipe is a listen well, my loves.....



-Food Processor

-Serving bowl of choice


-Plastic or glass bowl with tight-fitting lid

-Large spoon or ice cream scoop (optional)


-8 ripe frozen bananas (frozen ovenight or for at least 6 hours....but overnight is better)

-1/2 cup fresh or frozen organic blackberries

-1 vanilla bean, cut and scraped out or 1 tablespoon organic pure vanilla extract

-1 teaspoon lavender


-Cut frozen bananas into 1/2 in pieces and place then in your food processor. Pulse the bananas pieces for 30 seconds so that there is room for you to place all of the bananas into the processor. Once all pieces are in, blend until you reach a semi-creamy consistancy.

-Take the lid off the processor and using a spatula, push any remaining bananas that may be caught on the sides down. MAKE SURE TO DO THIS STEP WITH THE PROCESSOR OFF.

-Add the vanilla and turn the processor back and blend until creamy. (TAKE HEED: If using a vanilla bean, gentle cut through the middle of the bean (the long way) and carefully and gently scrape the vanilla out with the knife.)

-Take half of the nice cream out of the food processor and place it in a BPA-free plastic bowl or glass bowl with a tight lid and place it in the freezer to prevent melting.

-With the remaining ice cream, place in all of the black berries and lavender until well combined and a beautful hue or reddish-purple.

-Retrieve the vanilla nice cream from the freezer and using a spatula, fold the blackberry nice cream in. You want to fold it and move it around so that you get a swirl pattern.

-Once folded, you can place the nice cream back in the freezer for 1 hour or indulge right then and there.

*Serves 1-2 people

*Recipe for Raw Pomegranate Chocolate Brains will be up soon!*

Enjoy, my darklings.....and make sure to check out more on The Brutal Adventures of Black Metal Girl.

Until we meet again.

Darkest Eats and Kisses,

-Adaora O. aka GiTR

#raw #rawvegan #nicecream #blackberries #vanilla #bananas #dessert #dark

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