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$200 (2 hour session)

Consulting is for a lot of different people: some who like to dip in a toe first, who are not quite ready to hop out of the plane into coaching. It’s for people who feel stuck and are looking for a fantastic and creative jolt. People who want an energized perspective coming from a place of abundance and not of fear or scarcity. This is not a health coaching session. This is for people who want a new look from an insightful and trustworthy outside vantage point. I will dish out advice if you like, offer resources, relate experience, and help you formulate a plan or your next big step. Consulting is another way to connect and find out what you want, your goals and how I am here to help you succeed. Everyone is different.....bodies are different......and that is something that I acknowledge. You set the goals, then we get down to business to set up a plan. We can talk about anything you like:


- Coaching reboots (checking back in after a coaching period to refocus and gather resources.)
- Meal planning
- Cooking support
- Fitness blocks
- Grocery Shopping Guidance* and List
-Organic Gardening/Home Gardening
- Time management
- Brainstorming

- PBL (Problem Based Learning)
- Plateaus



It’s 90 minutes of greatness! You’re out into the world, armed with a new tenacious perspective on your goals and focused direction. We can talk via phone, computer or in-person.
* The shopping/tour cost varies depending on store and number of attendees.


Corporate Consulting

My consulting services for business groups are customized to fit the needs of your organization and your staff. 

Please contact me to present your needs for each business and we will design an experience in wellness for your group that is direct, reasonable, moving and unforgettable. Your workers will feel the benefits of gaining energy, communication skills, and better health both inside and outside the work environment. We all know that a happier worker means a richer working experience for everyone.  Please contact me for information about your business.

Private Parties and Catering Services

$300 and up

I am available to help plan and put together one fabulous event. From special events, birthday parties to baby showers, art gallery events, small dinner parties, weddings and even birthday parties for adults and children! Prices vary upon the amount of guest, type of event, whether it a raw vegan or vegan affair and the time of day. Cost also includes labor and cost of produce. I will help you develop a menu that includes a starter, appetizer, entree and dessert or something specialized for your event!

Raw Vegan/Vegan Cooking Classes

$75.00 per person

As hard as people may think that is is to eat healthy and prepare nutritional foods, it easy easier than you think - and I will guide you! From the basics of nutrition, easy things to prepare to get you started such as smoothies and juicing fundamentals and tasty meals for you are your family! Classes are $75 per person and 2 hours long. Not only is it informative but also interactive! Locations and times may vary. 

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