I do have a confession. I am an addict. I am addicted to sweets....and cardamom....and sweets. However, I get bored with the standard peanut butter cups. One must dare to be adventurous. As a person who has fallen victim to a sweet tooth, I craved something that is sweet yet complex. Something that creates a depth and leave a mark like in your head like a hole (NIN reference). So when night falls and others slumber, I create. Wi...

I adore figs. I could not see how one could not love these glorious sweet gems. As much as I love Turkish Figs, I am a devoutee of Black Mission Figs. Look...anything that begins with my favorite color is a given to become my favorite.   The deep, purple hue of the the figs in constrast with the pistachios is a sight that is breathtaking....and the taste is even better. Raw, vegan, sticky, sweet, fragant and pleasing. My little...

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Black SxS Cardamom Espresso Latte over Ice w/ Cashew Mylk

October 3, 2018

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