We all have cravings.....callings....something that soothes and comforts....lures us in and we fall under it;s spell. Sometimes, the simplest things can be the greatest amount of pleasure: music, art, whatever your heart feels at that moment. For me, it can be turning on Type O Negative or Joy Divsion or Bauhaus or The Cure or Depeche Mode or NIN or Combichrist or 80's goth music , writing poetry or new music, a kiss or hug ot s...



It has been awhile since I made a nice cream. Like anything that I do, I have the habit of being a perfectionist or rather waiting for the perfect moment. In this case, I just missed nice cream. I needed it. THE CRAVING WAS STRONG AND THE NEED TO FEED WAS A MUST!! Plus, it's fucking amazing. Usually, I go for rich and luscious or simple yet complex. Today, I went with simple and complex. Behold,  my Vanilla Bean, Blackberry and...

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Black SxS Cardamom Espresso Latte over Ice w/ Cashew Mylk

October 3, 2018

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