Hummus - such a wondrous food derived from the glorious chickpea.  Something so simple that taste divine without much effort. It is, indeed, without question a dish that we minimalist do adore. There are so many varieties of hummus that are crafted from other sources: navy beans, lentils, beets, black beans....et cetra et cetra. And though my heart hold an undying love for black beans, I do have a special place in my little blac...


When you think of noodles, you immediately think of pasta made from flour. Do I miss such starchy, carby, goodness? To be honest - not at all. Not since I have discovered the wondrously divine noodles via vegetables. Right now, I can imagine, visually, all the gasp and shock and awe. Well, be prepared to be in “awe” from this beauty you see before you.

Ever since getting my hands one of my favorite tools, my spiralizer by Paderno...

I adore plantains. I am Nigerian, and it is pretty much a staple. Fried is the norm...and is SOOOO good. However, all of the oil and grease afterwards leave my stomach wanting to seek revenge on me for the intake of so much grease. So, how does one enjoy plantains without the oily revenge? Chips, my loves. But not fried, not baked. No, my darklings - raw. Crispy, yet tender. Sweet, shards of bliss....raw and living. "What, livin...


Black and orange. My ode to Halloween...my favorite celebration in my favorite month of the year: October. Whereas one longs and celebrates for that month only, I celebrate all year around...in my heart and in my home. My Raw Vegan PUMPKIN KING Nice Cream is one that Mr. Skellington would be quite pleased with, indeed.


Rich in flavor thanks to a beautiful pairing of papaya, banana and pumpkin....and kissed with knife-cut chunks...

In my family, there is much ado about everything...such a busy and bustling day that starts for me while the moon is out, the stars or cloud blanket the sky and the night is as dark and an onyx stone. 4am is when I rise and workout, while my hubby and little ones still slumber. As much as I plan for the day ahead the night before, as a mum of 2 little active boys ages 2 and 1, it is not surprise that things may change in the sch...

I like everything to be black: my clothing, my furniture....everything. If I can not find it, then what is the next best thing to do? Make it. So, take something sweet and luscious and make it as dark as night....be still, my heart. My OBSIDIAN MINT Nice Cream is one of the greatest things that I have created while dancing around to She's In Parties by Bauhaus. As a minimalist, I love when I create a dish that is simple and beau...


We all have cravings.....callings....something that soothes and comforts....lures us in and we fall under it;s spell. Sometimes, the simplest things can be the greatest amount of pleasure: music, art, whatever your heart feels at that moment. For me, it can be turning on Type O Negative or Joy Divsion or Bauhaus or The Cure or Depeche Mode or NIN or Combichrist or 80's goth music , writing poetry or new music, a kiss or hug ot s...

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