"My creations exude my adoration of the dark, the macabre, the Goth subculture that I hold dear and my Nigerian heritage that runs through my veins. Nature provides some of the more dark shades in her wares, and I love that in my creations. They are an extension of myself to you. Food is art. Nature is medicine. Darkness is beautiful. Combined - they are powerful."

Flower Illustration
Flower Illustration
 The world of darkness is one that lures
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Halloween Bat
Halloween Bat
Halloween Bat

m na-agwa gị na-anabata

(i bid you welcome)

My name is Nnaus A.O. Feratu, a queer Goth Nigerian-American model, musician, rights activist (animal/human/LGBTQ+), CEO/Founder/EIC/Creative Director of Fantome Magazine (formerly Prysm Magazine), health (physical and mental) advocate, celeb + private chef, CEO/Founder of Goth In The Raw, Haus of Abali Beauty and Nnaus Feratu Cosmetics. I am also the proud parent of our two gothlings, Amaoha Kama Alucard and Ikenna Nwosa Draven.


As a proud vegan of 24+ years, I love merging the beauty of the Gothic subculture that I have been one with at a young age and the beauty of my Nigerian heritage into the dishes that I create - vegan dishes with a dark aesthetic. Each creation is an extension and representation of who I am and shows that vegans of all kinds exist. We all share the common purpose of doing what is best for our bodies, the planet, the animals and the environment.  Veganism is inclusive, not exclusive.


 Being Goth in not a phase and being vegan is not a trend. Goth In The Raw is veganism with a dark side. Welcome to my world.


Darkest Eats,



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Heart with Wings

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